Hardwired … to self-destruct

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The following video by Metallica has over 45 Mio views. Since it is unlikely that one user watched it that often, it follows that many, many people saw it.

Metallica 2016. Hardwired from the album Hardwired … to self-destruct.

These are the lyrics:

In the name of desperation
In the name of wretched pain
In the name of all creation
Gone insane

We’re so fucked
Shit outta luck
Hardwired to self-destruct


On the way to paranoia
On the crooked borderline
On the way to great destroyer
Doom design

We’re so fucked
Shit outta luck
Hardwired to self-destruct


Once upon a planet burning
Once upon a flame
Once upon a fear returning
All in vain
Do you feel that hope is fading?
Do you comprehend?
Do you feel it terminating?
In the end

We’re so fucked
Shit outta luck
Hardwired to self-destruct
Hardwired to self-destruct

Metallica, Hardwired, 2016

I wonder what the viewers thought while watching the video. Well, one can read about this in the youtube comments. They are about wether this is real Trash Metal or not and whether they play it faster live.

Metallica: Lars Ulrich (drums) and James Hetfield (vocals, guitar) performing live at Olympia Stadium, Berlin, 06.07.19

The interesting thing about these lyrics is that they are true: First, we are fucked and second the fact that we ignored everything till it is almost too late is hardwired in our genome. The psychologists four future and the neuro scientists explain this to us. The neuro biologist Dr. Sébastien Bohler explains in his article Bewusster leben that our brains are structured in a way that helped us survive for a very long time. We get little rewards (dopamin kicks) for eating, reproducing, gaining power, using as little as possible energy and collect as much information about our environment as possible. (eating, sex, laziness, Rock’n’Roll. Well, he did not mention Rock’n’Roll)

Now, while this was a great hardware for staying alive for thousands and thousands of years, this hardware is now responsible for our failure. According to the article there are more people dying from overnutrition than from undernutrition. In the past it was not an advantage to save food for later. Maybe somebody else could take it. So we rather ate it immediately. Our brains are not constructed to worry about the future and to act accordingly.

Now, there are interesting results from neurologists: They did experiments in which they gave money to subjects and asked them to share it with another, unknown person in the next room or to keep it. The interesting thing is that women acted differently from men: The shared the money more often and those who did got dopamin rewards in their brains. Men got the rewards for keeping the money. The hypothesis is that women learned this behavior during their early childhood while men are trained to be aggressive and competitive.

The good news about this finding is: Maybe after all not everything is hardwired in our brains and part of it is due to training and education. How do we get our kicks? For keeping stuff or for sharing? Can we unlearn our habits? Yes, says Dr. Bohler. People who eat too much can change their eating habits by taking more time and eating more consciously. The same applies to other areas of live. Do we need this new car? What for? For showing off? We can unlearn our habits, be more conscious and face our future. Think about it and act accordingly.

Once we are ready to face the climate crisis, the question is what can we do? What is the way out? Currently the one most important thing we all can do is to talk to our politicians and let them know that the things they do are not enough and that they have to move their fucking asses, get out of coal, invest in renewables, stop subsidizing air travel and so on. We should support FridaysForFuture and join them in their global ClimateAction on Friday 20.09.2019! Check out the places where they are active and if nothing happens near you, start your own. See you on Friday.

PS: Some more song:

I don’t wanna be rejected
I don’t wanna be denied
And it’s not my misfortune
That I’ve opened up your eyes

Freedom is given, speak how you feel
I have no freedom, how do you feel?
They can lie to my face but not to my heart
If we stand together it will just be the start

If the kids are united!
They will never be divided!

Well, kids of today probably do not know this song, but lets join them anyway. =:-)

Punks for Future, Berlin, 2019-03-13

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