Abolish your tumble dryer

Zuletzt geändert am 31. August 2019

Do you dry your laundry in the dryer? Doesn’t have to be. There are clotheshorses with 0 kwh consumption. Even beautiful. From Side by Side Design from workshops for people with disabilities.

Clotheshorse Mom in use. Don’t worry: Clotheshorse Dad is also available. And dad is also allowed to use the Clotheshorse Mom.

A nice side effect of drying on the clothes rack is that the evaporation creates coolness. So instead of using the tumble dryer to generate waste heat, you cool your apartment. And even in winter it is advantageous to dry the laundry in the flat: In new buildings, the air is usually too dry during the heating period, which is why it is sometimes advisable to attach evaporation bodies to the heating. The same effect can be achieved with drying laundry.1

Disadvantage: You need space and the thing is standing around.

  1. Of course, sufficient ventilation should be provided so that the humidity does not exceed 60%. Otherwise mould could be the result.

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